Luciana Fidalgo Ramos Nogueira, Pollyanna Pellegrino, Thais Carvalho da Fonseca, Patrick Herman Paterlini, Adriana de Sousa Duarte, Elaine Cristina Marqueze


Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of insomnia symptoms and its relationship with nutritional aspects, gastrointestinal symptoms and chronic diseases among people living with HIV. Methods: a cross-sectional study of 307 people living with HIV in antiretroviral therapy attended by the Specialized AIDS Service of the municipality of Santos (SP), Brazil. The variables evaluated were insomnia symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms and chronic noncommunicable diseases. Results: the prevalence of insomnia symptoms was 79.2%. There was a greater proportion of people living with HIV with insomnia symptoms who had weight changes after HIV diagnosis, unpleasant stomach sensations, poor digestion, poor appetite, respiratory and skin diseases. Conclusion: the high prevalence of insomnia symptoms was related to the presence of gastrointestinal symptoms, as well as respiratory and dermatological diseases.


HIV; Insônia; Doenças crônicas; Nutrição em Saúde Pública

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