Bruno Batista Bortoluzzi, Caciara Gonzatto Maciel, Antônio Rosa de Sousa Neto, Daniela Reis Joaquim de Freitas


Introduction: Although respiratory diseases have different etiologies, many of them are related to ambient air pollution. Breathing polluted air, fine particles can be inhaled, which contain pathogens that penetrate the lungs and the cardiovascular system causing infections. The objective of this study was to quantify and identify fungal bioaerosols in three different environments of a private university in Santa Catarina state. Outline: The samples were collected at October 7, 2016, in the canteen, library and classroom, with two periods of exposure: 30 minutes and two hours, in three periods of the day (morning, afternoon and evening). Colony forming units counting was performed, as well as observation of micro and macromorphological characteristics for identification of genera of fungi. Results: It was found that microbiological contamination is directly related to the flow of air and people circulating in closed environments. The genera of fungi most prevalent were Gliocladium, Fusarium, Penicillium and Cladosporium. Implications: The fungi identified in the study can cause problems for human health, requiring special attention to the microbiological control of the air, especially in indoor environments where the flow of people is high and there is not adequate air exchange.


Microbiologia do Ar; Fungos; Ar Condicionado.

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