Quality of life of stomized people: an integrative review / Qualidade de vida de pessoas estomizadas: revisão integrativa / Calidad de vida de estomizados: una revisión integradora

Cynthia Roberta Dias Torres, Elaine Maria Leite Rangel Andrade, Fernanda Michelle Santos e Silva Ribeiro, Francisca das Chagas Cunha Gonçalves Neta, Maria Helena Barros Araújo Luz


Objective: To evaluate the scientific literature on the quality of life of people stomized. Methodology: "stoma" (ostomy) and "quality of life" (quality of life): Articles published with the following descriptors were selected. Criteria for inclusion include: articles related to the topic, published in full in English, Spanish and Portuguese, from January 2008 to December 2012. Results: Thirteen articles met the inclusion criteria and the predominant level of evidence IV. In the presence of a stoma or one faces real and symbolic losses that cause several changes in the process of living and stand out as guiding axes of the quality of family life, social integration, work, autonomy and social relations. Conclusion: It is essential to the implementation and permanence of a reflective multidisciplinary team, and grounded in holistic assessment, aimed at social reintegration and providing coping strategies and adaptation of their new condition of life.

Descriptors: Ostomy. Quality of life. Nursing.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26694/reufpi.v4i1.2242


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