Assistive technology in health promotion for older people / Tecnologia Assistiva na Promoção da Saúde de Pessoas Idosas / Tecnología de Apoyo en la Promoción de la Salud de personas ancianas

Ruth Suelle Barros Fonseca, Luana Lima Gonçalves, Grazielle Roberta Freitas da Silva, Elaine Cristina Carvalho Moura, Chrystiany Plácido de Brito Vieira, Gláucia Antônia Viana de Azevedo


Objective: To describe an Assistive Technology in the form of educational video on Health Promotion addressed to elderly people assisted by the Family Health Strategy. Methodology: A descriptive qualitative approach, performed by the method of content analysis of categorical type.The research was conducted at the Federal University of Piauí, July-August 2013. Results: Categories found: (1) Physical exercise, (2) Healthy food. Regarding the scientific content transmitted, the video is according to the current literature. About the suitability to the target audience and language, the Assistive Technology has features that bring the story and characters of the public, which facilitates the learning process, and others that may limit this process. Conclusion: The Assistive Technology is configured as an instrument of health education that can be used in the transmission of knowledge for elderly at the region that has been produced and it is expected that future work will stimulate the initiative.

Descriptors: Health Promotion. Health of the Elderly. Video-Audio Media. Nursing.


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