Humanization in intensive care from the perspective of the health team/A humanização em terapia intensiva na perspectiva da equipe de saúde/La humanización en terapia intensiva en la perspectiva del equipo de salud

Fabiana Bolela, Adriana Katia Correa


Objective: To grasp the meaning of humanized care for the health team of professionals engaged in intensive care. Methodology: Phenomenological study conducted with 26 professionals from the intensive care unit of a university hospital in Ribeirão Preto. Open interviews were conducted between September 2007 and January 2008. Results: The analysis of the interviews, the themes have emerged: Humanization means recognizing the patient in their uniqueness and completeness; make technical X humanization in daily intensive care; working conditions and their implications for the humanization of care in intensive care; and the preparation of the team to build a humanized care. Conclusion: The situations that consider the patient in its entirety and uniqueness in the intensive care unit are not always considered, even if doing this dichotomy make technical and humanization. The team's working conditions point to difficulties in the construction of humanized care. The preparation of the team shows up limited, with training, meaningful strategy for reflection and recreation of everyday care.

Keywords: Patient care team. Intensive care. Humanization of assistance.


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