Reflections on the consumption of crack and its interface with the social determinants of health / Reflexões sobre o consumo de crack e sua interface com os determinantes sociais de saúde

Fernando José Guedes da Silva Júnior, Olívia Dias de Araújo, Belisa Maria da Silva Melo, Giovanna de Oliveira Liborio Dourado, Claudete Ferreira de Souza Monteiro, Silvana Santiago da Rocha


In order to reflect on the influence of the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) and its relation to the consumption of crack. Methodology: reflexive study was conducted to support the understanding of the cultural, socioeconomic and environmental factors that are related to the consumption of crack. In this sense, given the breadth and severity of the problem, the study was based on the analysis and interpretation of articles, theses and dissertations. Results: It was noted a consensus among scholars about the fact that strategies for promoting and protecting the health of dependent drug has its effect on individual risk factors, however, becomes cornered since it does not take into account the SDH. Conclusion: the use of crack cocaine hinders the establishment and maintenance of their social network, which reflects the need for knowledge of the DSS that favor the creation of public policies to reduce inequities of access and promote quality care. Keywords: Social Conditions. Crack Cocaine. Health.

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