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The Hypothyroidism Solution

por hypothyroidism solution (2021-03-15)

So the problem isn't about chronic stress itself, The Hypothyroidism Solution but how we deal with stress. After all, it is unrealistic to expect someone to completely rid their life of stress. However, most of us can deal much better with our stress in our daily lives.

Hypothyroidism Cause # 2: Chronic stress. Most people face decent stress on a daily basis, which again creates a host of adrenal problems. The reason for this is that the adrenal glands were designed to cope with acute stressful situations, but cannot adequately cope with the prolonged stress response. It's the same with eating refined foods and sugars, coping with a lot of stress every day and not being able to deal with it properly, which can lead to weakened adrenal glands, which, as you already know, can cause hypothyroidism.