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Portland, Oregon

por avita dcosta (2019-07-11)

Stop to Smell the Roses in Portland

The beauty of the Pacific Northwest can never be more apparent in Portland. Highly urbanized yet enriched by green spaces, Oregon’s most densely populated city presents a charming invitation to sample its attractions, rose gardens, microbreweries and coffee culture.

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Cruising down Willamette River

One of the best Portland experiences is a scenic cruise along Willamette River, which is the lifeblood of the city. The river spans across nine large bridges to connect vital arteries of Portland’s districts. Thus, if you feel exploring Chinatown, Lloyd District or Old Town, you won’t have a hard time getting your bearings in Portland.

Recreation in Portland

Visitors will have plenty of things to do in Portland. On the banks of Willamette River lie Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a sprawling recreational area offering outdoor recreational activities against a backdrop of impressive Mount Hood. Family fun awaits everyone at the Oregon Zoo, which is the largest in the state. Another family-friendly attraction is World Forestry Discovery Center, engaging visitors to appreciate more of Portland’s fondness for nature.

Lush Green Spaces

The city is proud to nourish a love for environment-friendly recreation. Inside Washington Park, there is a host of popular sights that must not be missed while visiting Portland. Features like the Arboretum, Japanese Garden and the pleasant rose gardens never fail to enthrall both locals and tourists.

More of Portland’s Landmarks

Still on the sightseeing path, don’t miss the historical beat in the city, as one can experience in Pioneer Courthouse Square and the Pittock Mansion. If you want to see what lies beyond the city’s limits, you won’t be disappointed with what you may find. The breathtaking 70 waterfalls in Columbia River Gorge serve as a welcome and refreshing treat for nature-lovers. Near one of its entrances is the Lewis and Clark Recreation Site. Mount Hood stands east of Portland, providing more of nature’s splendor and outdoor activities.