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Pixel Gun 3D Android game has been upgraded on the Play Store with new map - Xmas Town, a great deal of brand-new guns as well as more. We currently have a one-stop-shop technical media atmosphere where we can meet and please our yearning for media and also its concomitants; at the same time we are slowly being weaned far from the old media and also some of us are playing catch-up, at the very same time technologies and the Web are head-off in a myriad instructions, lengthening, changing as well as providing more recent difficulties in our existing day Technological Societies. A lot more significantly, Radio Alice as well as its conflict with the apparatus's of state control that eventually caused a substantial wave of suppression, demonstrates very clearly exactly how the media are a key website of struggle over the modern production of subjectivity; in Guattari's terms, in spite of its apparent financial and technical backwardness during that time, Italy was the future of England, France