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Kathy Schechter

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FALSE:: MISTAKE: UNSUPPORTED ENCODING I was tailgating someone, competing down the freeway, as well as I saw this bumper sticker on their cars and truck and it stated, you recognize, this tongue in cheek stuff like, 'One nuke can destroy your entire day,' and then I viewed the opposite side and also it claimed, 'May all your nuclear tools corrosion in peace,' and I'm going, "Rust in Peace.' Damn, that's an excellent title.' As well as I'm assuming like, 'What do they indicate, rust in peace?' I could just see it currently - all these warheads sitting there, stocked someplace like seal coastline, you understand, all covered with rust and things with children out there spray-painting the stuff, you know." Proceeds and also composes a kick ass tune from the viewpoint of a nuclear warhead containing the line rotten egg air of death wrestles your nostrils".