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Do not use various types of clove at the very same time without medical advice. Utilizing various solutions with each other enhances the threat of an overdose. It is not known whether clove passes into bust milk or if it can hurt a nursing baby. Do not utilize this product without medical advice if you are breast-feeding a child. Nevertheless, more research is needed to examine clove oil's anticancer residential or commercial properties. A research from 2014 took a look at the impact that clove oil carried a line of human breast cancer cells artificial insemination, which implies the cells were tested in a recipe or examination tube. The researchers discovered that clove oil, in certain quantities, was poisonous to the cancer cells. In 2012, scientists investigated the result of clove oil on the dental disintegration of teeth by acidic drinks, like apple juice. In a 2005 study, scientists checked out the impact of eugenol, a major part of clove oil, on the yeast Candida albicans.

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