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It is powered by a 20 V 1.5 Amp-hour battery that provides 330 UWO at the motor. With this type of power, it can also be used as a strong drill/driver system. The XFD10R can carry out 2 variable rates of RPM and 0-1,900 RPM making it excellent as both a drill vehicle driver along with a drilling maker. Because 2001, I have actually utilized as well as assessed devices every day. I spent ten years in construction as a woodworker, supervisor, and site manager, working on multimillion-dollar residential remodellings in the Boston location. In that time, I have actually probably utilized at least 50 various drills, and also I have actually been checking them for Wirecutter given that 2015. I also reside in a 1773 saltbox that calls for an extremely hands-on, tool-heavy method. Take a look at my testimonials on the 10 best drills, vehicle drivers and cordless tool sets. After you have actually established what kind of device you require and just how much power you require it to have, it's time

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