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Perhaps the most redeeming quality of this shallow game, in addition to the variety amongst characters, is not the game itself, but its designer, Pixelberry Studios. Pixelberry has contributed over $350,000 to The Cybersmile Foundation, as well as partners with the National Eating Disorders Organization. The designer's previous apps of similar principle, Senior high school Story and Hollywood U, have examined far better than Choices. Link with Facebook - Diamonds are made by logging in the game, or you can claim that by linking the game with Facebook. Romance Club-- Stories I Play The game is readily available at free, as well as it is readily available for both IOS as well as Android systems. You'll have the ability to continue the existing discussion only when you switch back to the existing app. Please also keep in mind that any 'Hack' devices which request your Choices username might consist of malware. Pixelberry is exempt for lost game data or swiped personal information as a result

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