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This provides it all of the power required for even your toughest work, like piercing through steel. It additionally features an all-metal two-speed transmission that supplies and also 0-1,900 RPMS. This driver/drill has a 3/8" sleeveless chuck that accommodates most usual applications. It also gives lots of power with two rates (0-350 as well as 0-1,300 RPMS) as well as 20 +1 torque setups. In both form and efficiency, it's nearly identical to the DeWalt 20-volt, also down to the average cost, right around $200. The Milwaukee is a little shorter from idea to tail but is an ounce heavier. We offered the DeWalt 20-volt the edge below just because the Milwaukee drill does not have additional light features and the case lacks extra area to store drill or motorist bits. Neither of those shortcomings is a true dealbreaker, and also we believe you would certainly have the ability to improvise simply fine without those functions. It is a carrying out as well as strong model that in spite of its

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