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Hart is rapidly expanding its 20V tool line, so this drill is an excellent beginning point to establish a complete cordless device system for your residence. Tiny drills typically do not have the power to handle tough jobs like placing outdoor decking screws into joists, but that's not the situation with the Memphis Tools Brushless Cordless Drill Set. This 20-volt drill is effective enough to drive huge screws yet small enough to navigate in restricted areas, making this Memphis Equipment design a versatile rarity. Obviously, the corded electric drill had always been a home owner favored, but its battery-powered cousin has come to be truly common. If you possess any power devices whatsoever, chances are you have a cordless drill for tiny jobs around your home. This Makita drill can attain a maximum torque of 530 in-lbs. The BL brushless motor allows it to proceed benefiting long hours by saving the battery life dramatically.