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Through one-to-one support and intensive personal development, they help young people reflect on the changes they would like to make to their lives, and help them unlock their confidence, motivation and life skills. This youth-led film project aims to tackle the knife crime crisis, offering perspectives from young people, for young people. The three-film series called I’m Out depicts the story of a knife crime incident, told from the perspective of the assailant, and those close to him. Increasingly, these misdemeanors are captured not just by millions of CCTV cameras nationwide, but in the self-shot footage of bystanders, victims or even the offenders themselves. Using vivid accounts from both victims and perpetrators, this series uncovers the reality of criminal events which we so commonly only witness from the outside. Universally regarded as one of the greatest British gangster films ever made, The Long Good Friday rocketed Hoskins to international stardom. He s given sterling

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