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Now, the very first thing you'll observe about your new character is its level and also its ranking. The former is stood for by the white number on the lower appropriate corner of the personality card. On the other hand, the latter is represented by the number of celebrities on the card. The most important of these 2 parameters, nonetheless, is the level. Nonetheless, instead of granting them even more celebrities as their mastery boosts, this parameter is represented by the existing celebrities coming to be red in color. In this feeling, a ranking 6 character with a degree 2 proficiency is represented by 6 celebrities, 2 of which are red while the rest are yellow. While this parameter doesn't enhance their statistics quite, it will enhance their max degree cap in addition to unlock brand-new abilities. In this feeling, while a personality's degree plays an important role in the system's. total stamina, their rank will certainly present them with boosted capabilities.

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