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Best. Under our Terms of Services as well as Privacy Policy, Hay Day is permitted download and play just for persons 13 years or over of age. With the launch of Hay Day Pop, the Finnish game designers will certainly be aiming to rebound as well as raise the business's profits. In Hay Day, gamers are presented with their in-game uncle's run-down old farm and also are entrusted with bringing it into the modern-day age by expanding crops, rearing pets and offering items. It helps navigate the inherent illogicality of many social games whereby players can send out things they do not possess to friends in order to help"-- here, gamers can trade products in a much more realistic manner than typical, offering a much better feeling of realistic look as well as needing much less suspension of shock. They can be sold straight to personalities that come visiting the gamer's farm; they can be used with special structures to produce more advanced items (milk from a cow can be become cream, for example);

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