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Our Previous Campaign or the Increase of a fresh Planet Episode 12 Release Day and Recap Right now we is going to be speaking about the Episode Finale of this Anime, from the most up-to-date improvement. Sisbell bumps with Iska in town, and she stated that she's lost. He notices that Sisbell is usually that Woman that he helped early, but Nene reveals up and interferes. If they appear back again, they notice that she's absent, and Nene is thinking who was Iska talking to. The two head on the supermarket; In the meantime, she fulfilled Together with the butler. She will be able to’t believe that Iska is here, and due to the fact Iska is from your Empire, she's content that he's here. Sisbell tells the butler that she has observed her dream knight that she was seeking. Sisbell will not be mindful that Alice, her sister, is in love with Iska. She chose to fulfill with Iska, and so they bump with each other again, main Iska to become in addition to her. Whilst they are still on the ground,