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Asthma attack: 6 points to do if you do not have an inhaler with you. As a result, oxygen does not get to the air cavities, therefore creating the individual to collapse. You need to offer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the sufferer to make sure that oxygen keeps distributing inside the body. Asthma Assault Why is my asthma so bad all of a sudden?The airways constrict in case of an asthma attack, preventing the individual to get enough oxygen. You should give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the victim to ensure that oxygen keeps circulating inside the body. Continue giving mouth-to-mouth CPR until the condition of the patient stabilizes. A 2015 evaluation of existing study located that vitamin C might have a protective impact on the respiratory

Asthma Assault Death: Threats, Reasons, Treatment, as well as A lot more