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William Warren

Resumo da Biografia Perhaps, many people ask why "girls do not play well with boys." This is true, but it is true only for tactical, action or competitive games. Well, the answer may not be too difficult to understand and simply, because females often do not like playing tactical titles that boys usually play, somehow those games are over- complicated. They do not have the patience to learn it, so they quickly give up and move on to some simpler online browser games. Fast bored, hated game complex Through surveys, it has become increasingly evident that the majority of women, when being asked, say they often choose light, cheerful games without spending too much time and less violence. This is the characteristic feature of casual games. Prefer to gossip over the games. They prefer to chat with friends more than play games.Another common feature of female gamers is that they can sit and talk for hours with their friends in the game without having to fight against monsters, sides or tasks.In fact, this comes from the fact that female gamers often are less warlike than male gamers. They not only consider the game as just a game but also as a social network to interact, meet and chat with other players. Meanwhile, the male gamers, who are more bellicose are often enthusiastic about training, upgrading equipment to increase the strength of the character, and of course, that will serve for their winnings when beating other opponents. However, girls players do not have to try to win other people. Like beautiful costumes Possibly, contrary to the male gamers are usually only interested in the power index of the equipment, the item has a stronger index than the use of the thing the girl's interest like skins od the characters.  This item is beautiful or not. This is also commonplace when the interests of many female gamers come from aesthetic beauty. Usually love some gorgeous skins. In fact, many girls also are addicted to free online games as boys, however, as mentioned above, instead of boys usually prefer action games, tricks, girls often prefer playing casual, simple games. In these games, they are very caring, enhancing the "beauty" for their character, just like in real life. Naive and easily got cheated Girls are usually the ones who play games according to their hobbies, not kind of ''hardcore'' like the male gamers. Maybe, when playing any game, male gamers often click on some home pages of the games to find out the features in the game; however, there are very few female players do this. Even more, they do not know the homepage, forums or download the game itself. They are confused about complicated tasks. Because of the inability to fully explore the features of the game, female gamers are often cheated in the game, either malicious or just joking by other players. For example, the problem of virtual trading, female gamers are often fooled because they do not understand about the transaction, and why they put money into the box and do not receive the item from the other. Maybe, you will be surprised to find that the players are quite naive, do not understand the basic operations in the game as the equipment or the use of necessary items such as blood, and then you can guess that your team or the other ones have some female players playing.For more cool games you want to find out, check here best online games.