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Research studies confirm that if medical care practices revamp how they run so that they are more available, promote prevention, proactively assistance clients who have chronic health problems, and engage clients in self-management and decision-making, health care quality improves together with the cost effectiveness of care. vii Household medicine and medical care are the only entities charged with longitudinal connection of look after the whole patient. uk. Retrieved 2018-10-27. " Healthcare Reform: Knowing From Other Major Healthcare Systems Princeton Public Health Review". pphr. Recovered 2018-10-27. Beveridge, William (1942 ). Bevan, Gwyn; Helderman, Jan-Kees; Wilsford, David (July 2010). " Changing choices in health care: ramifications for equity, efficiency and expense". Health Economics, Policy and Law. 5 (3 ): 251267.

ISSN 1744-134X. PMID 20478104. Organization, World Health (2000 ). World Health Organization.

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