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Choosing a boiler for your home can be a hard choice to make. If, like many house owners, you're struggling to make a choice, here's an insight into our 4 leading offering gas combi boilers of 2018: Combination boiler, gas Greater hot water circulation rates of approximately 12. 3 litres/min Created with an easy to use control board 400mm x 710mm x 330mm (Width x Height x Depth) Appropriate for most small to medium houses with one restroom Mix boiler, gas Included condensate siphon to get rid of the threat of condensation freezing Compact construct 400mm x 710mm x 330mm (Width x Height x Depth) Ideal for most small to medium sized houses with one restroom Combination boiler, gas Designed with a backlit display & user-friendly controls Developed with a simple to utilize pressure gauge An appropriate option for a lot of smaller homes with one bathroom 395mm x 700mm x 278mm (Width x Height x Depth) Mix Boiler, gas Compact style Developed with simple to use controls 395mm

Water Heater Zinc Anode Rod