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Both of these factors are closely pertaining to insomnia. Postmenopausal females still had a higher chance of reporting DMS. A possible description is that, since postmenopausal ladies are older than the other 2 teams of women, this organization is primarily due to aging as opposed to menopausal status. Various other sleep problems, such as routine arm or leg movements, uneasy legs syndrome, and also obstructive rest apnea, are understood to raise with age and to be associated with sleeplessness. Routine limb movements as well as agitated legs syndrome did not get to considerable degrees in the multivariate models; however, their addition lowered the chances in between hot flashes and also sleep problems. When the temporal series in between menopause and also sleeping disorders was examined, it was observed that sleeplessness predated menopause in concerning 50% of perimenopausal ladies as well as about 20% of postmenopausal women. Modest and serious warm flashes remained highly associated

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