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Kobra was billed as a ruthless martial musician who is in it for the adventure of the battle and the physical violence, yet all he ever before does is make people miss out on Johnny Cage, that was missing from Deceptiveness's roster. He was intended to be easy for any kind of newcomer to make use of, however therefore falls short to be interesting in combat. After Armageddon, Kobra totally vanished from the canon, like much of the personalities that were introduced during early aughts titles before the 2011 reboot. If there was someone who had to be called the primary character of the series, it would be Liu Kang. He's solid, but still only human, implying he can't rely upon the very same type of power to which characters like Raiden have gain access to. He is the reason Earthrealm was spared at the last minute in the first game, and continually conserved the day in the initial trilogy. Even after satisfying his end at the hands of Shang Tsung, he still managed ahead back to life. With