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The continuous kind always regrows at the same speed after 30 secs. With zero points, the variable regrowth is readied to absolutely no, so only after 30 secs without being damaged does the container regenerate health. Upgrading the stat rather changes the variable regrowth. With one or more points in this group, the storage tank immediately regenerates health as soon as possible, the speed relying on the level. If the storage tank has not completely regrowed health after 30 seconds, then the continuous regrowth takes control of, promptly maxing out the player's health. Health Regrowth figures out exactly how quickly your tank, bullet and drones' health bar will return to full. With no points in this classification, health will certainly not restore up until 30 seconds have passed without the container being harmed. Hereafter time the tank's health will rapidly restore to full. Nonetheless, including more factors into this classification does not decrease this moment. Actually, there

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