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Not only do Accomplishments of Strength offer you some elegant icons, triumph stances, titles, and also a lot more, they likewise unlock long-term stat increases for your Gold as well as Diamond personalities. You will need to clear the remainder with personalities from your kollection. As with other Difficulties, each tower you finish will certainly approve you a benefit, and also removing all of the Elder Mode towers will certainly award you with the card of the Obstacle character. While Event Towers do not supply Shan Kahn fragments or Skill factors, you can make a chance at a NEW!! Ruby Black Dragon Kabal kard, special Halloween devices for your kombatants, Koins, and also Souls. This equipment will certainly likewise be offered to buy in the shop throughout the event. These towers resemble Shao Kahn's Tower in that they have 100 degrees and also can be played up to 3 times every 8 hours.