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By touching these objects, you will certainly gain bonus offer Cash, XP Points and Power. Touching Cash and XP before it vanishes decreases the waiting time for energy to restore by a few secs. The even more lightning screws it requires to complete jobs at occasions, the extra blue stars you will be awarded with. Right here's a rip off sheet to the number of points per job you obtain so you can use your energy on only the very best ones. Prior to marrying, you should take place numerous days with your companion to increase your relationship degree with them. If you are around heart factors, you should invite him or her on a date. As soon as you complete the day, he or she will certainly ask you if you think things are "buckling down" in between the two of you. You have the choice to say yes or disagree with your companion. You can access the Top Couples list any time during game play by clicking the feed symbol in the bottom food selection bar and also selecting the Top Pairs switch.

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