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Players can acquire organizations around Los Santos and Blaine Region that will certainly add extra earnings resources. For instance, if Franklin Clinton purchases the Downtown Taxi Co., he will receive all future taxi rides absolutely free. Sometimes the player will be asked to defend bench from opponents or provide supplies (e.g. alcohol if the gamer possesses a bar). Failure to abide might result in reduced takings for that week, minimizing the gamer's revenues. In this game, all money pick-ups take the kind of heaps of $100 bills wrapped in a Fleeca financial institution band, no matter the actual amount grabbed by the gamer. However, other religions, such as $20 expenses as well as $5 costs can be found as props, and loose $1 expenses can be thrown to the strippers at the Vanilla Unicorn. In Grand Theft Vehicle V, the cash system has changed sinceGrand Theft Auto IV.Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and also Trevor Phillips all have various quantities in their checking account at

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