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Negative energy is created in different forms by negative people and also The Bioenergy Code Reviews perpetuated by them. Examples of this are the things you think, the things you say, what you believe in or put your faith or trust in, and your emotional state. As this negative energy grows in a person's space, it attracts more of the same energy to it. No amount of positive affirmations will destroy that negative energy, because the positive energy that's created is immediately eliminated by the negative energy that already exists in you.

Most people are constantly going from one end of the energy scale to the other, creating a random mix of positive and negative energies that cancel each other out, leaving only a small dividend behind, either positive or negative, but certainly not enough of either one to make much difference.

The most potent positive energy that you can create is by having only positive thoughts, by speaking in only positive terms, by putting your trust in only the things that serve you well and by maintaining a happy emotional state. While that's great in theory, let's be honest. How many people can say that they think only positive thoughts, speak only in positive terms, put their faith in only positive things and maintain a happy emotional state 99.9% of the time? Probably not very many, but the great thing about the technique I use is that it allows room for mistakes and gives you the opportunity to fix them.

So, in other words, if you have a negative thought or make a negative statement, you have the opportunity to change it by rethinking it and restating it in a positive way, using only positive words. Any and all words which are negative on their own should be avoided. This ensures that all negativity is eliminated and you only create positive energy. Putting your faith, trust and beliefs into only positive things may be more of a challenge for you and maintaining a happy emotional state may also. But as long as you are consciously changing as much negativity to positive as you can, you will make a positive difference in your energy field.

Now that you know how to make it happen, why should it matter anyway? If you are sharp, you already found the answer to that question. When you are negative, then you attract negativity. It's really that simple. Like-energies attract each other and unlike energies cancel out.

Everything is made of energy, vibrating at different rates and those different rates determine positive or negative, especially with thoughts. Your thoughts are where your creative process begins to develop. A tree vibrates a great deal more slowly than our thoughts do, but that doesn't mean that the tree is negative. Everything is relative to something else. It would be much the same as comparing apples to baseballs. While they are both a sphere, that's about the only thing they have in common, other than that they are also both made of energy