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One of the most common is hormonal changes that happen during menopause. A number of other factors can hairfortin reviews also contribute to hair loss, including stress, illness, and genetics.

Among postmenopausal females, nearly one-third experience thinning hair or bald patches (alopecia), while about half of women who have never had a period suffer from this condition. This is often more of an impact on women than on men, since it is usually more socially acceptable for them to do so. Although women may not be conscious of the signs of alopecia, there are a number of symptoms which can cause them to lose hair, such as hair thinning, and bald patches on the scalp. Other symptoms include hair that is receding or that falls out in clumps.

These hormonal changes and other factors are the primary reasons for the rapid growth of hair when menopause begins. However, this growth is usually temporary and will eventually stop once menopause has finished, and the follicles start producing natural oils again.