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Abe Issa, an effective eco-friendly power business owner and also the creator as well as leader at EnviroSolar Power, has obtained various honors and also honors throughout his career, consisting of a number of Entrepreneur of the Year honors for structure and taking care of the fastest-growing firms in their respective classifications. This consists of numerous awards for lasting advancement and also procedure, specifically in the tidy energy field. Issa's efforts to develop cutting-edge solar power innovations continue to make a lasting impact on individuals's lives, and also are continuously accelerating the honorable pursuit of power sustainability in the united state and all over the world. History Birthed in Beirut, Lebanon, in the early 80s, Abe Issa experienced several of the greatest challenges a young person can encounter, compelled to navigate a harmful environment swarming with some of the most significant hardships life can throw at even the youngest as well as most innocent

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