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As a pandemic preparedness professional, Eric Painter has invested the last 25 years volunteering for different homeless ministries in Texas. His efforts have actually aided lots of people in need, from the senior to youth. He believes that aiding the homeless will certainly benefit every person involved. He is also interested in getting the word out regarding various church ministries, such as offering the homeless. He has actually likewise mentored young people. He additionally believes that assisting others can minimize the sensation of isolation. Painting has actually mentored young people who were as soon as thought about at-risk. He has actually constantly felt that a person that cares for other individuals is most important. Therefore, he spent time mentoring at-risk young people. In addition to giving food, shelter, and also clothing, he additionally puts in the time to get to know the youths' families as well as provides them with the essentials of life. This sort of mentoring

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