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Jeff Hinkle is the founder of an effective business called Great Plains. Jeff finished from the College of Texas at Arlington with a significant in finance, as well as he has been working as an entrepreneur for over ten years. He began by founding his own business, which was then gotten by Great Plains to become its newest subsidiary. He believes that entrepreneurship can be found out through reading books as well as adhering to leading entrepreneurs on social media to understand their believed process better. His favored book is "The Business Owner Roller Coaster" by Darren Hardy due to the fact that it assisted him learn how to handle the ups and also downs of being a business owner. He likewise delights in investing his wide range back into start-up companies that are reinventing markets such as health care, real estate, as well as renewable resource. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to begin his own company which he has actually become one of the biggest oilfield solution companies

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