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Amber Massey is a preferred lifestyle blogger who has more than a million Instagram fans. Her other half, Jordan, is a fireman, and she has five children. Her blog, PB+J Babes, was recently introduced, as well as her family members has been growing together for 16 years. Although her blog site is about food, her most famous messages are about her domesticity. Her youngsters, Parker, Jolie, as well as Baylor, have actually provided pleasure and also ideas for her followers. In addition to her family, Amber Massey additionally has an extremely energetic Instagram account. While many bloggers are still working in the company globe, she has been blogging regarding her life for nearly 15 years. Her blog, which concentrates on healthy dishes, has nine-million fans. It is the work of her other half and also youngsters that has actually made her an Instagram experience. Her household has actually been her main passion and she is very proud of it. After the birth of her fourth kid, Massey

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