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  1. 1.     How to Repair Air Impact Wrench

Failure to ensure strict adherence to preventive and corrective measures of your device will result in the collapse of the air impact wrench.

The user is susceptible to injuries if the device malfunction. Also, it's not comfortable for use.  It's crucial to restore the optimal functionality of which the device was primarily designed for. The following procedures are likely remedial operations that can be conducted;

General maintenance

Dissemble the device, blow off the entire system thoroughly to wipe out dirt.


Remove the veins out of the rotor, spray with the recommended lubricants. avoid lubricants that are gummy.

Vandalized plate & Rotor Blades

This can be replaced by fixing a new plate and rotor blades, remove the model hosing the rotor, there are two plates at the top and bottom secured with an alignment pin. Read more information here.

Trigger switch failure

When this happens, the air doesn't flow in sufficiently caused the trigger is pressed in, the air pass through the string to a hole controlled by this switch. The spring is at ninety degrees to the wrench switch and allows air entrance. 

Strip down the handle, detach the pin from the shaft, clean the hole, blow it out and oil the spring. If the pin is condemned, you can get a new one. Fix the spring back and screw the air valve to compress it. The trigger rod pushes on the valve rod and lifts the valve off its seat.