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Resumo da Biografia The best villas and houses in Ibiza
This private place of celebrations in Ibiza is isolated in the green spot of the mountain range within the term of a natural park. It is also located in a clear sky.

Like every year Ibiza falls in love with thousands of tourists who come from all over the world to spend their summer holidays on the island. Ibiza's paradise is very much named for its way of life and its permissive essence, on the other hand what will actually be fantastic of the region will be the diversity that cohabits in harmony. Weddings in Ibiza is going to be many things at the same time with an almost immeasurable variation of airs that move from the metropolitan to the rural, from the demanding to the most flexible.

For those who arrive for the first time or return to the area to find another hidden secret, we give the reception to the rustic family villa in the area of Ibiza Paissa d'en Bernat. A virgin refuge of incredible serenity, a place for betrothals exclusive in its speciality in Ibiza that combines modernity with the rustic and offers a unique advance in the direction of luxury feeling loyal to its Ibizan past.,