Caio Willer Brito Gonçalves, Adir Bernardes Pinto Neto, Dário Luigi Ferraz Gomes, Gleiziane Sousa Lima, Kelvin Hamim José Feitosa Reis, Janne Marques Silveira


Introduction: Congenital syphilis is a serious public health problem, it is responsible for several unfavorable outcomes such as fetal or perinatal death. In this sense, in order to provide information for better planning of education and prevention measures in vulnerable groups aiming at reducing the transmission chain, the objective of this study was to analyze epidemiological aspects of congenital syphilis in Tocantins state. Outline: Cross-sectional, retrospective study with a quantitative and descriptive approach by consulting the database of the Information System for Notifiable Diseases of Brazilian Ministry of Health from January 2009 to December 2019. Results: 1746 reports of syphilis were verified in the age group under one year of age. Regarding the mother's age group, a greater number of cases were identified between 20 and 29 years old, totaling 959 diagnosed cases. Considering the time of diagnosis, most were performed during prenatal care (945 cases), those mothers with less education had a higher incidence. Implications: The profile of congenital syphilis in Tocantins state has a high incidence of cases in the sample studied, a fact associated with deficits in the therapeutic interventions of infected pregnant women.


Sífilis congênita. Epidemiologia. Saúde Pública.

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