Agostinho Antônio Cruz Araújo, Jackeline Vieira Amaral, Juliana do Nascimento Sousa, Maria Clara Santos Fonseca, Camila de Meneses Caetano Viana, Pedro Henrique Moraes Mendes, Augusto Cezar Antunes de Araujo Filho


Introduction: Coronaviruses are responsible for respiratory infections that can range from asymptomatic to severe. The spread of the virus around the world has led to a pandemic position, which has claimed numerous victims. Given the magnitude of the problem, the study aims to analyze the epidemiological profile of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Teresina-PI. Outline: Descriptive and epidemiological study. The study population consisted of 315 confirmed cases of Covid-19, in individuals residing in the city of Teresina-PI, between March and April 2020. The variables evaluated were: age group, sex, deaths confirmed by Covid-19 and confirmed cases of Covid-19 by area of the city. Results: There was a predominance of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in young, female individuals living in an urban area of Teresina. Most deaths occurred in the elderly, being more prevalent in males. Implications: Epidemiological monitoring of cases strengthens the need to implement preventive measures, such as social containment. In addition, the expansion of testing in the population is important, to identify asymptomatic cases and, consequently, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, considering that these cases favor the transmission chain.


Coronavirus; Infecções por Coronavirus; Pandemias; Epidemiologia

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